Oasis Soft Phone Booth

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Privacy can be difficult to find in a modern open plan office.

The Oasis Soft Phone Booth provides the perfect, peaceful space for a phone call, video conference and a silent retreat for uninterrupted work. Equipped with a toughened glass door, acoustic lined panels and a soft curved design, the Phone Booth is both practical and private, yet comfortable.

Equipped with top of the range acoustically absorbent materials, ambient lighting and an air circulation fan, the space is practical and private yet comfortable with the option to sit or stand.

Unlike other systems the Phone Booth has no base and stands directly on the floor of your office, making it safe, quick to install and easy to relocate.

Standard specification:-

Size: 950mm x 950mm x 2250mm (w,d,h)
Interior size: 810mm x 810mm x 2100mm (w,d,h)
Door: Right handed, 8mm toughened glass, pivot hinged door, lever handle, silver anodised aluminium frame.

Internal features:-

Acoustic lined panels
Enclosed acoustic ceiling with LED panel
Passive infra-red sensor
Air circulation fan.

Available in a variety of soothing yet sophisticated colour fabrics from the Camira Synergy range. Colour options are available on request

Please call us now for a quotation

Please call us now for a quotation