EEC Directives

Height of screen
A monitor which is tilted back and is too low causes back and neck strain and could cause eye strain from possible light reflection. The upper edge of the screen should be at eye level height when sitting straight with supported back and horizontal arms. To achieve all of this the monitor should be raised to the matching level by means of a monitor stand (particularly a height adjustable model).
Eye distance to screen
The use of a fully adjustable monitor swivel gas arm ensures the correct height and distance of the monitor. In addition this allows the monitor to be moved completely backwards creating additional workspace for disciplines other than data entry
Use of document holder
Turning your head from left to right and the constant re-focusing of the eyes can lead to fatigue and loss of productivity. If a document holder is placed between the monitor (at proper eye height) and keyboard, turning of the neck will be avoided and eyes will look up or down only.
Use of notebook
If a notebook computer is being used at the desk for long periods this can cause problems because the screen is too close as a result of the attached keyboard. By raising the screen and adjusting the eye distance by means of a height adjustable notebook stand combined with a separate mini keyboard you can create the optimum conditions for maximum productivity and wellness awareness

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